Customer experiences

By the second half of August 2012, we managed to develop our product Premium Collagen® and we started to sell it from the middle of September 2012.

On 14.09.2012 I took from Good Mood Company’s Premium Collagen® to my mother (born on 6 March 1952) and I asked her to consume 20 g (20 000 mg, 4 measuring spoons) a day from it.

Using my mobile phone I took a picture of her face because I wanted to see what outside benefit would be of Premium Collagen®.

Using my phone on 30.09.2013 I took a pciture of her face again. She has not received any plastical surgery tratments and she has no makeup on her face.

I usually say that the positive change experienced outside is only a „side effect” of Premium Collagen®, because it renews also the inner organs of the body.

Earlier when my mother took a 20 meters walk, she already got serious hampered respira- tion. One year after she started to take 20g Premium Collagen® a day, she can run 100 meters.

I suggest everyone to consume Good Mood Vitamin® Premium Collagen® and to get younger like my Mother.

In the picture my wife can be seen, who is Technical Leader of Good Mood Vitamin® and naturopath expert.

Since 2012 she also consumes 20 g (20 000 mg, 4 measuring spoons) of Good Mood Vitamin® Premium Collagen® per day.

Neither she had any plastical treatments.

I suggest everyone to consume Good Mood Vitamin® Premium Collagen® and to stay young like my wife.

Dear Good Mood Vitamin®!


- Multivitamin,
- Happiness

Since Good Mood Vitamin is part of my life, I would like to share with you the news that I
become married again.

I am sending 3 pictures (One of them is to let you see my full Bride
Desing) the other two as evidence that my statement is true.

Wishing fairly nice weekedens and warm regards,


Thank you for this or these very important things, helped me a lot.

However I am 57 years old, my leg ached a lot, and my doctor told me it was from stress and I should take antidepressant.

I did not even took it out. Since I use Good Mood Vitamin® Premium Collagen®, I feel much better. F. K

I heard from one of my aquaintances about useful effects of Good Mood Vitamin® Premium Collagen®.
Hmmm... I thought in myself that I had heard so much suggestion about many-many excellent food supplements...

However my dear friend was accurate for me, so I accepted her advice.
The suggested dosage for my age is 3 x 4/5th measuring spoon, however I thought that if it would work, then
I should feel something in case of 1 x 1 measuring spoon, and I try 1 bottle.

After one week the tightness vanished in my knees, pain almost vanished totally.

Maybe I will try the suggested 3 x 4/5th measuring spoon dosage... It really has benefit.!! Thank you

Moles on skip grew, became worse and worse, sometimes they started blleding.

At age of 58, started taking 2 dosages per day.

By now the skin is totally recovered.

R. B

My skin is much less wrinkled and my girlfriend has the same experience.

Starting date of consumption: 05.2016.

F. J. 27.09.2016.

I am using Premium Collagen for beauty care, and I am very satisfied with it because my skin is firmer & smoother.

I would highly recommend this product to everyone!

Starting date of consumption: 10.2015.

L.A 07.10.2016.

In September 2013 I was diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis.
I started to consume Premium Collagen in the spring of 2014, After another patient suggested it to me.

This product has dramitcally helped to slow down the progress of my illness, I have not had to raise the initial dose of Medicine I got from my doctor.

I have been continuously consuming the product for two and a half years because it works!

Starting date of consumption: 03.2014

B.T.I. 05.11.2016.

I am consuming Premium Collagen for 3 months now & my joints are already incredibly better!

Starting date of consumption: 01.2016

B.L. 12.04.2016

As a result of consuming Premium Collagen, the blurred Vision in my eyes improved.

(After 6 months of consumption) I am regularly consuming Good Mood Center’s food supplements and because of their effect, despite the age of 92, I am still very active, gardening my land alone, and traveling and biking without an escort. I can maintain the symptoms of my joint at an acceptable level.

I have tried many products & I am consuming Premium Collagen as it’s the most effective!

Starting date of consumption: 2012.

B. J. 2016.10.06.

Since I started to consume Premium Collagen, not only the outside of my body, but the internal organs are rejuvenating.

My Arthritis has disappeared and I can ride a bike again!

I feel good again & its all thanks to the Premium Collagen product of Good Mood Center Ltd.

Starting date of consumption: 12.07.2016

D.T. 04.10.2016

Since I started to consume Premium Collagen, two years ago, my joint pain has decreased considerably.

I must say that I am very grateful to the manufacturers and distributors of such good quality Collagen.
The effect is excellent, I consume it every day. Thanks a lot!

Starting date of consumption: 2015 J.Gy. 16.09.2016

The very first change I noticed was that the skin on my face was less wrinkly.

The pain in the joints of my knees and shoulders decreased.
I consume 2 servings on every day as I am 69 years old.

These improvements became noticeable after 1 month of taking premium collagen.

Starting date of consumption: 07.2016

K.J. 07.09.2016

Premium Collagen has greatly reduced the joint pains I had.

The pain in my shoulder which was not healing after months, became completely free of symptoms.

My stamina become better. I become ill much less often, and heal faster.

My endurance is much better than when I was not consuming the product.

Starting date of consumption: 08.01.2016

M.L. 06.10.2016

From the time I started to consume the Premium Collagen, the pain in my joints decreased, and my skin become nicer.

My mood is much better.

Starting date of consumption: 07.2015

M.J. 28.09.2016

I started to consume the Premium Collagen about a year ago.

After a three-month course of this product my Rheumatoid Arthritis healed, and I could feel the difference in my motion.

Even after only 1 week of consumption I could feel a change in my knee and in my ankle joints.

And after 3 months, I experienced a positive change on my skin as well.

Starting date of consumption: 2015

P.J. 02.09.2016 ;

I hear about Premium Collagen from my daughter-in-law, She knew I had joint pain, so when she found the Premium Collagen she purchased some for me.

After a few months, I felt a big improvement & since then I always consume this product as my joints are not in pain any more.

I regularly exercise and ride a bicycle as well with no issues, I can now keep up with the young people around me!

Starting date of consumption: 2016

P.M. 07.10.2016

I purchased Collagen because of my joint pain. I consume 2-3 doses per day regularly.

The pain gone was completely gone after 3 weeks!

I am very graceful for this product.

Starting date of consumption: 12.2015

P.K. 01.09.2016

I have been taking collagen for about 2 weeks, my chronic back pain went away after a few days, my stretch marks on my stomach have faded as have some other little scars, I have also had several comments that I am looking much younger.

Normally when I shave my legs I am left with little red dots on my skin, and now when I shave my legs the little dots are gone!

An unexpected gain from the collagen is that my appetite has decreased and I am especially not craving sweet treats, I have had chocolate in my hand bag for about a week as I have no desire to eat it (never happened before :-D )

Starting date of consumption: 11.2016

Stephanie.K. 12.2016

I used to suffer from constant knew pain and after I tried your Premium Collagen product, the pain started to reduce progressively until it was fully gone.

I consume the product regularly since that time too, and my knees are completely without pain, and working well.

Starting date of consumption: 1.2015

Gy.K.É. 12.1.2016

I was diagnosed years ago, with Osteoporosis, on my foot. If I was walking a lot, my ankle get extremely swollen and I could not stand up.

Then I found Premium Collagen. After a few months of consumption my ankles healed completely, now I drink 1x a day, & that is enough to keep it the pain at bay.

As a “side effect” I observed that I have less wrinkles.

Starting date of consumption: 06.11.2014

F.J. 06..04.2016

I started to consume Premium Collagen 6 months ago as I had strong shoulder pain.

I am consuming the proper amount for my age, and after 2 month the pain started to decrease, and now it has fully disappeared.

I observed, that my skin improved, the wrinkles decreased, and my cells filled up & it has become more flexible.)

I still consume it regularly!

Starting date of consumption: 12.2015

Dr. I. D. 06..09.2016

Before taking premium collagen, my knees were in so much pain that I could not walk normally & could not turn my knee at all without being in pain.

After only a week of taking Premium Collagen my knee started to heal and now the pain has completely gone.

Starting date of consumption: 28.09.2016

B .I.

I started to consume Collagen in January.

I experienced that my knee doesn’t hurt at all and I can run better, and I feel very well.

My mother started to consume it also & she has not had to go for her Steroid injection treatment any more.

(She had a spinal hernia & had to go for injection treatment every 3 months)

Starting date of consumption: 01.2016

E. B. 04.10.2016

I have been regularly taking Premium Collagen for 2 years now, I have also made my husband an “addict” to it too.

My knees were clicking frequently, and this stopped after I started to take it.

According to my friends I look much younger & my face is smoother.

I give this “miracle cure” to the other members of my family & recommend it to friends.

Starting date of consumption: 2014

B.L.M.. 16.09.2016