By orders placed in our "Good Mood Vitamin" and Premium Collagen online webshops ( / / / ) You become the customer of Jó Közérzet Központ Kft. (Good Mood Center Ltd.) Please read through the following information.

This "Terms & Conditions" is the translation of the original hungarian "Terms & Conditions". The the website, webstore is mostly in hungarian language, and some of our shops are in english..
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General Information

Name of the seller company: Jó Közérzet Központ Kft. (Good Mood Center Ltd.)
Headquarters: Hungary, 1041 Budapest, Árpád út 57-59 fszt. 3.
Company registration no.: Cg. 01-09-950450
Registry Authority: Municipal Court, as Company House
TAX ID: 23046742-2-41
landline: (+36) 1 402-0502
Fax: (+36) 1 402-0503
E-mail adress: webshop [at]


For purchasing in ouw webshops, you need to register, and become our regular costumer.

By registering, member agrees that "Good Mood Center" may send to your e-mail adress advertising or purchasing offers.or e-mails with other information to send, respectively. availabilities discounts, special offers for customers, advertising promotions and inform other way. Of course, these letters can unsubscribe at any time free of charge, find the unsubscribe link you sent letters, respectively. the GOOD MOOD CENTER LTD. availabilities telephone or e-mail at any time may indicate that the above information, the information offers no further calls.


Products included in the detailed product information pages of the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now!" Click initiate the purchase of goods. After loading the basket for your chosen product, you can continue your purchase.

Prices shown in the webshop are brutto prices, and are containing the hungarian VAT.
Payment is always calculated in HUF, prices on the site shown in USD / GBP / EUR are only for informative purposes.

Your actual final payment value may vary from the value shown on the screen, and depends on your bank account provider's transaction and currency exchange rates.

The content of the Shopping cart

After adding items to Shopping Cart, The content of your order will appear on the screen - some cases after navigating to the "Basket".
At a matter of a purchase unlimited numbers of products an be added to the shopping cart, 99 pieces of each product In this point you have possibility to change or delete the basket with activate the checkbox beside an item and by pressing "Remove selected" button the system will remove the selected item. Quantites can be stepped with the up and down arrow, or directly changing the quantity number with the required quanty by typeing. The system will update the content and values.
Below the basket, you can adjust the discounts and you need to choose your shipping/payment method. The system will continously update the informations and the orders total, as you update the datas.
You need to provide shipping and invoicing address on this page as well as the payment option. International orders can be payed with online credit card only.
The Shopping Cart you need to send your order by clicking the "Send my order" or the "I order my package" buttons. Your order will not be processed until you did not clock on the "Order Summary" or the "I am placing this order" button, and a final order confirmation page tells that your order have been placed. Before pressing the "Send my order" or the "I order my package" buttons you have the opportunity to modify your order. An order confirmation e-mail will be sent to You by our system in case of successfully finished order. During our office opening hours of your order you can apply for the +36 (1) 402-0502, or at +36 (30) 387-3189 is the phone number.

The resulting ordering agreement is not concluded a written contract.

If you do not receive a notification of the order within 48 hours, you may cancel your order delivered completely free of charge!

Shipment and fees

Currently, the packages are delivered - in Hungary - in collaboration with the Sprinter Courier Service. Personal acceptance is not possible. International orders are delivered by UPS Express or UPS Standard service. Webshop orders can not picked up at stores. If you would like to receive your product in one of our shop, please do not place order at the webshop. Our products can be purchased in the shops under the same conditions do not need to pre-order fired, and the stores, does not need to place a webshop order.

Orders have the following payment possibilites: advanced wire-transfer, secure-online credit card payment and cash on delivery as follows:

Type of delivery

Advance Wire transfer

secure on-line
Credit Card payment

Cash on Delivery

Courier delivered package in Hungary

International delivery



The Sprinter Delivery Service brings all prepared packages per daily.
International deliveries have next working day pick-up. UPS Express have 1-2 working day, UPS Standard have 3-5 working day delivery time.
There is no personal pickup at our webshop.

When you are entering your delivery adres, it must be provided where on the specified delivery date (at Hungary: 1-2 working days from receiving the order, internationally please see tracking page of UPS with the provided tracking data) between 8:00 to 16:00 to be able to receive the shipment. It is also vital to enter a phone number where daytime our courier staff can reach you in order to adress anz problems that may arise delivering your package.

Orders to Hungary - arrived before 12:00 usually are dispatched on the same day, orders arrived before 17:00 on a working day will be processed and dispatched to the Courier Service on the next workin day.
International orders will be collected or dispatched on the next working day.

Az alábbi táblázat alapján nyomon tudja követni csomagja érkezését:

Receiving the order:

Package collection and dispatch

Csomag szállítási napja 8.00-tól - 17:00-ig

From Friday 17:00
to Monday 17:00



From Monday 17:00
to Tuesday 17:00



From Tuesday 17:00
to Wendesday 17:00



From Wendesday 17:00
to Thursday 17:00



From Thursday 17:00
to Friday 17:00-ig



No delivery on weekends and holidays.

If for any reason the customer or the recipient is not at the stated location specified at the time of delivery, the courier service provided by the customer on the phone with him at odds regarding the re-delivery of the consignment. Important! The courier service only tries once again to dispatch, then bring the package back to the sender. In case of second unsuccesful delivery attemt, if the buyer requests a repeatead delivery, Costumer lhave to pay the shipping fee with prepayment.

The condition of free shipping

In case of Hungarian delivery, if the amount of the order reaches or exceeds the value of 20.000 Ft, so the shipping is free. (So if the amount of the products ordered is 20.000 Ft then it the shipping is free.) International shipping charge. In case of international shipment, the fee depends on the on the adress and the selected Courier.

Currenlty we have a promotion for Premium Collagen buyers shipped to Hungary, that the shipping free is free, regardless the amount of the items purchased. This shipping promotion is valid until revoked.

In other cases, the shipping cost depends on the weight, country and courier of the order.

The gross delivery charges are as follows:
(Indicatively, because the experience is that a 2 kg order value is crossing the limit of free delivery)


Shipping price in Hungary

0 - 2 kg


2,1 - 5 kg


5,1 - 10 kg


over 10 kg


International delivery prices are always shown on the basket when you are preparing your order, the fees depending on the price of the courier companys offer.

International delivery times

We have stock from our products. Usually we can deliver the ordered products in 2-3 working day in Hungary, and 3-10 days internationaly. tudjuk szállíttatni. When this is not possible, our staff will contact you via phone or email, about the need to wait for any product. In this case, it is possible to:

- the product in question is omitted from the order, and the packet is sent without this product, or
- You can choose a similar (substitute) product.

We guarantee that your interests in every case (eg. If the customer does not provide a phone number and e-mail us or answer) the order can not be processed due speed out of our mistakes. Any case in which the order or the fault of our suppliers do not perform or did we go wrong, we have complete flexibility when treated with or giving money back guarantee.

Purchase with prepayed wire-transfer

If you were were selecting this payment mode during your order process, so when you send your order, in the order confirmation e-mail you will receive our Bank Account number, where we kindly ask you to transfer the money. In all case please tranfer exact amount of Forint, dont make rounding.

Please put your order identification number to the transfer's description field,, so when we receive the transfer, will able to identify your payment.

Purchase with secure on-line credit-card payment

In case you've selected this payment mode during your order process, you will be forwarded to our Bank - CIB Bank,'s page. This is a secure online credit card payment page, which is hosted bz CIB Bank. We will not receive any of your private data. You will give zour card and private data only for the Bank. We will be informed by the Bank only of the result of the transaction, if it was successfull or not, when you are returning to our page.

You will need to provide your card data on the Bank 's payment page, and there you will receive information about the transaction completed with success or not.

Since the bank will give immediate feedback on successful payment, we can send the package immediately.

Purchase with cash-on-delivery

In case you've selected this payment mode during your order process, your package will be immediately deliveder, and you will need to pay for the Courier staff, by cash on delivery.

Right of cancellation

You as a consumer are entitled to withdraw from this contract within 14 days. The deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal shall begin on the date of receipt of the product. If the contract is related to order more product, but the shipping is done at different times, you can exercise the right of withdrawal period shall be counted from the date of receipt of the product was last received.
Of course, this does not affect the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract during the period between the date of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of product.

The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal by sending a clear statement sending to the sellers contacts shown in this General Terms and Conditions in the datas section, by Fax, Postal Mail or e-mail. You can exercise your right of withdrawal by this statement sample form: Withdrawal Statement.

In case of doubt the consumer have to prove that the statement of withdrawal practiced accordingly.

If the consumer avoids the contract, it shall immediately, but will be refunded within 14 days of the withdrawal declaration of receipt of all compensation made to the consumer, including transport costs, other than the additional costs that concern arose that the consumer is offered by us other than the usual cheapest mode of transport chosen mode of transport.
The refund is used by the consumer to the same payment method chosen method of payment in the original transaction. Based on the consumer's express consent of the other reimbursement payment method can be used, but the consumer has therefore not be charged any additional fee.

We are permitted to withhold this amount as long as the costumer does not return the product supplied, or has not established beyond rasonable doubt that it was sent back.From the two opton, the earlier data shall be considered.

In case of cancellation, the consumer's obligation to promptly, but not later be returned within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal, or within that period, the product is transferred to us in other ways (eg. Business premises in person). The return deadline is considered met if the product is sent to the consumer before the deadline.

The consumer shall take only the direct cost of returning of the product.

The consumer responsible only if diminished value caused by the use of more than just the necessary nature of the product, its properties, and to establish the functioning of responsible use.

Warranty, product warranty, law enforcement

Consumer can validate warranty request in the event of faulty performance by Jó Közérzet Központ Kft (Good Mood Center Ltd) according to the 2013. V. law of the Civil Code's orders.

The consumer may request these warranty claims by his choices:

The right to a warranty consumer choice also revert to another, however, bear the cost of the transition to the consumer, unless it was justified, or that gave rise to the company.

The consumer is required to the issue immediately but not later than the failure to communicate within 2 months after discovery of the discovery.
Two-year limitation period from the date of completion of the contract beyond a warranty is no longer assert the rights of the consumer.

Enforcement of consumer demand for a warranty no other condition beyond the disclosure of errors within six months from the date of fulfillment (purchase) if the consumer proves that the product is sold to the well-being Center Kft.
However, after six months from the date of fulfillment (purchase) has elapsed, the consumer must prove that it had been recognized at the time of the error performance as well.

In case of failure of the product to the consumer - the choice - to enforce a warranty of product demand or right referred to above.

Of product demand as the consumer may require repair or replacement of the defective product only.
A product is defective if it fails to meet quality standards or the existing marketing, if you do not have the properties listed in the manufacturer's specification.

Validate the consumer demand of product within two years from the marketing of the product by the manufacturer. After this deadline will lose this right.

The consumer may exercise limited product warranty claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the product. In case of failure of product demand validation of the product to the consumer to prove.

The manufacturer, or dealer will only be exempt from product liability if it can prove that:
- The product is manufactured in non-business activities, or placed on the market or
- The failure of the science and art of marketing at the time was not recognized or
- The act or product failure resulting from the application of the mandatory regulatory requirements.

Consumer cannot claim simultaneously product warranty or asset error at the same error. However, for the effective enforcement of product demand of a warranty claim for product replacement or repaired parts may enforce against the manufacturer.

The Jó Közérzet Központ Kft (Good Mood Center Ltd.) at validation of consumer complaints, will proceed in mind with the consumers' interests, in accordance with Regulation GKM.49/2003. (VII.30).

If the consumer wishes to enforce vendor providing the service to which the consumer contract (hereinafter referred to as distributor) warranty claim against the customer contract should be regarded as proven if the consumer presents proof of payment of the consideration.

The distributor of consumer complaints must put on record, which provides:
a) the consumer's name, address,
b) consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as goods) name, the purchase price
c) the date of purchase,
d) the date of notification of the error,
e) a description of the error,
need to be enforced by f) the consumer,
g) the method of settlement of the complaint.

If the way of the settlement will be different needs of consumers, this needs to be provided a justification in this Protocol.
A copy of the report must be given to the consumer.

If you are a distributor of consumer demand for its announcement of the feasibility of performing can not comment on its position must notify the consumer within three business days.
The distributor must inform the consumer that the expected repair or replacement of the goods and property of the consumer destination of attention - within a reasonable time, the consumer has to be carried out without significant inconvenience caused.

The distributor must make an effort to carry out the repair or replacement within a maximum of fifteen days.

Repair of the goods shall be taken against a receipt. The receipt shall indicate the name and address of the data needed to identify the product, the date of receipt of the goods and the date the consumer when the consumer can take the goods repaired.

Place of the law enforcement established in the Jó Közérzet Központ Kft (Good Mood Ltd.) headquarters: Hungary, 1041 Budapest, Árpád út 57-59. Fszt. 3.

A jogérvényesítés a 49/2003. (VII. 30.) GKM rendelet alapján készített "Jegyzőkönyv a fogyasztó kifogásáról" nevű nyomtatványon történik.


The Jó Közérzet Központ Kft (Good Mood Center Ltd) acts in mind - regarding of the mandatory guarantees of the interests of consumers for durable consumer goods - according the Goverment Regulation 151/2003. (IX, 22).

(1) Items sold in the area of the Republic of Hungary with consumer contract (Civil Code § 685 e), durable consumer goods listed in the Annex to Regulation (hereinafter referred as: Consumer goods) accordin to the rules of this Regulation, shal to be covered warranty obligations.

(2) That agreement is void, which is detriment of the consumer by this Regulation. This case, the invalid agreement shall to be replaced by the provisions of this Regulation.

(3) Fulfillment of the warranty obligation rests on whom the provision of services covered by the customer contract (hereinafter referred to as distributor). The owner of the consumer good may enforce the warranty rights, in case if qualified as consumer (hereinafter referred as consumer)

(4) If the manufacturer of the consumer goods assume favourable conditions for warranty than contained in the Regulations, then the rights of the warranty are transferred to the consumer at the time of the fulfillment of costumer contract.

Other regulations

Jó Közérzet Központ Kft (Good Mood Vitamin Ltd) keeps the right, if a package is returned from the adress, then if a reshipping is needed will require the prepayment of the new shipping, or for later purchases to request prepayment.

The Customer can turn regarding - with these General Terms and Conditions, or with the problem regarding of the purchase made - the Budapest Arbitration Board (Headquarters: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. level III. 310 office, or via mailing : 1253 Budapest, Pf. 10.